ABM ELEKTRO is a manufacturing, designing, contracting and trading company in the field of electrical engineering and electrical installations, established in 1992 as a successor to the electrical workshop in which Milan Marković started first activities in this field as the founder and owner but as electrical engineer as well.
Primary activities in the first few years were the design and production of electrical installation for business and industrial buildings and facilities of power industry.

Gradually we started to produce medium voltage switchgears (SN blocks up to 20 kV) and low voltage standard panels (NN blocks of 0.42 kV).
As a separate segment of production we have cable distribution cabinets made of metal and protected by technology of electrostatic polyester powder coating that gives excellent visual appearance and provides high resistance to external stimulation.
Besides the production of empty cabinets and cable terminal boxes we make wired enclosures with equipment of superior quality and design.

Further development of the company made it possible to expand the scope of business and introduced trade as a new industry, which led to the formation of sales sector.
We got the trust of more foreign manufacturers and we have become importers and distributors of their products in Serbia.

Some of our partners are Rade Koncar, Olympia Electronics, Noark Electric, Makitel transformers and other smaller producers.
We keep on tracking new technologies and innovations and we are constantly working on expanding the range of goods and services that allow us to offer the highest quality to our clients.

For all products and services we have the appropriate certificates and certificates of accredited laboratories and institutes.
In our production, design and construction of electric power facilities and installations we stick to standardized procedures. Many years of experience and specialized personnel guarantee constant quality of products and services.

We also have the necessary equipment and personnel to perform safety tests of electrical and lightning installations and we issue appropriate expert findings and opinions.


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Certificate on the application of quality system according to the standard ISO 9001: 2008, issued by the Swiss certification company SGS