One of the most important segments in our business is the construction and installation of transformer substations.
Transformer substations are part of the electric power system for voltage transformation and represent an important segment in operation of all types of objects.

Although there are substations of different voltage levels, in commercial and residential buildings, the transformation is most often performed at higher voltage levels of 10kV or 20kV to 0.4 kV, while in industrial facilities, except 400V, the final transformation is done at 6kV and 10kV due to high voltage consumers.



The standard transformer substation consists of:

  1. A medium-voltage equipment with the corresponding number of cells that are placed in the appropriate separate room and which are most often connected to the energy transformer by cable lines.
  2. A transformer of adequate power and voltage level that is stored in a separate room (trafo-box)
  3. A low-voltage equipment with the corresponding number of leads that are most often placed against the SN installation in a separate room and which is most often connected to an energy transformer through copper busbars.


In addition, we produce certified switchgear facilities of medium-voltage (MV blocks 10 / 0,4 kV and 20 / 0,4 kV) and low voltage (LV blocks). Our company is the importer of transformers from Makitel Dooel, Ohrid, so all the system components mentioned above are available at very competitive prices.




We mount equipment on the ground with the necessary cabling, that is, the turnkey system.

We have our own auto crane, which enables us to install paved transformer stations.

We produce fully equipped LV cabinets for pavement substations (in a housing made of aluminum, inox, or plastic coated steel sheet).

We also produce hot-dip galvanized metal consoles for carrying transformers up to 400kVA and LV cabinets.